Experience points

Your account has experience points. Those are points which you accumulate when you participate in the site. For example, you gain points when you evaluate your day or you leave comments to the other users. When you gain points, you will see the following message:

Experience points awarded:  +5

This indicates that 5 points were awarded to you for your participation. The number of points gained is given according to several factors. Thus, each participation can give you a different number of points. The points are then converted into an experience level. The more points you gain, the higher your level. The sum of your points and your current level are indicated in your account in this way:

My level: 4
My experience points:

The more your level is raised, the more you will be able to unlock new functionalities. For example, you will be able to choose new images or to write more text in your comments! The following table displays the advantages based on the level reached.

Level Maximum characters per rating Maximum characters per comment Available images
Level 1 200 100 1
Level 2 220 103 4
Level 3 260 109 8
Level 4 320 118 14
Level 5 400 130 22
Level 6 500 145 29
Level 7 620 163 36
Level 8 760 184 38
Level 9 920 200 38
Level 10 1000 200 38

Now, participate often!